Meet Our Volunteers

  • Thank you Barnes & Noble! - In December, Barnes & Noble, Emeryville, hosted a book fundraiser that netted 1,734 books for Read-Aloud! Thank you to everyone who donated books! We also were invited to gift wrap items at Barnes & Noble (at Emeryville one week and … Continue reading
  • Thank You dd’s and FirstBook! - Thank you to everyone who donated to Read-Aloud through the dd’s Discounts/FirstBook Youth Literacy Fundraiser in August!
  • Youth Literacy Fundraiser - This is the last week of the Youth Literacy Fundraiser hosted by dd’s DISCOUNTS in Richmond, which grants Read-Aloud credit at FirstBook Marketplace from customer donations.  Thank you to everyone who has donated, and to the dd’s DISCONTS employees at … Continue reading

  • Read-Aloud in the New Year - Read-Aloud is scheduled starting January 6th through May 1st, with vacations on MLK day (Jan 20th), President’s Week (Feb 17th-21st) and Spring Recess (Apr 6th-10th).
  • Schools are Open 10/29, No Read-Aloud 10/31 or 11/1 - The school district has put out a statement that all schools are open tomorrow, as all schools but one have power and air quality is forecast to improve over the next several days. There is no Read-Aloud on Thursday as … Continue reading
  • PG&E Power Shut Offs - In the event of a power shut off the week of 11/9/2019, Read-Aloud schools are not forecasted to be effected.  If Readers are driving through areas without power, please drive safe and treat traffic signals that are off as all … Continue reading