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  • 2019-2020 Evaluations are Live - If you would like to fill out a generic evaluation form online, please click on the following: Teacher: End of Year Evaluations Volunteer: Student Evaluations, & Feedback Family Survey (English)   (Spanish) Principal: Feedback
  • Thank you Barnes & Noble! - In December, Barnes & Noble, Emeryville, hosted a book fundraiser that netted 1,734 books for Read-Aloud! Thank you to everyone who donated books! We also were invited to gift wrap items at Barnes & Noble (at Emeryville one week and … Continue reading
  • Thank You dd’s and FirstBook! - Thank you to everyone who donated to Read-Aloud through the dd’s Discounts/FirstBook Youth Literacy Fundraiser in August!

  • Read-Aloud En Línea - ¿Le gustaría que su estudiante se una a una versión en línea de “Read-Aloud Volunteer Program”?  Registrate aquí:
  • Online Read-Aloud – Student - Would you like your child to participate in an online version of Read-Aloud? Sign-up here: ( En Espanol: (
  • COVID-19 and Read-Aloud - As you may be aware, relatives of a Washington Elementary student and Mira Vista Elementary student have tested positive for the novel Cornavirus. The school district has issued a community update and guidance on this case and the wider issue … Continue reading