Volunteer Requirements

Fill out the online volunteer application. We will then send you an introductory email with detailed instructions and the necessary forms to complete the volunteer process. If you have any questions, please contact our office at (510) 237-0735 or info@read-aloud.org.
Visit a live scan technician to complete in-person electronic fingerprinting (free of charge at San Pablo P.D.). Links to the unique forms you need for this step are included in the introductory email (from step one). Read-Aloud will receive your clearance results from the Department of Justice. This generally takes between a day and two weeks.
Obtain Tuberculosis clearance (either a negative TB test or a Certificate of Completion Tuberculosis Risk Assessment) from a healthcare provider and submit the clearance document by: email, post mail, fax, or in person.
Watch the New Volunteer Orientation Slideshow, where we will go over Read-Aloud policies and procedures.
Every year Read-Aloud hosts the Annual Volunteer Conference where all the volunteers from every school site get together and discuss the previous year’s highlights and current policy changes. The School Site Team Meeting is scheduled after the 2nd conference and it is when the volunteers meet at their assigned school to touch bases with the Coordinator and go over school changes or updates. These two meetings are a REQUIREMENT to volunteer at Read-Aloud.
All volunteers must sign the WCCUSD Contractor Services Agreement and the Read-Aloud Volunteer Expectations and Policies Acknowledgement form, generally at Annual Volunteer Conference.
Badges will be printed by WCCUSD before you start volunteering. WCCUSD policies require that you wear your school identification badge before you pick up your students.
You are now ready to read to your students! School site Coordinators provide you with the books, the book lists, binders and forms, and will take pictures and provide feedback during the program year.


Two students (per session) will be assigned to you and will each be given a 30-minute reading session. They will eagerly anticipate their special reader coming to pick them up from class every week. So be consistent and be the best reader you can be! Children love to see adults become animated by showing lots of excitement or other emotions and using different voices for characters. Remember, you might be the only person in their life that takes the time to read one on one with them.