Program Highlights

Our students develop a bond with the readers who once a week, enthusiastically make the children feel like VIPs.  The readers expose the children to the world outside of our neighborhood through their experiences and the books that are read one-on-one.
–Elementary School Principal, Marco Gonzales

Stege ~ Gail with clientsThe students look forward to the Read-Aloud program each week and they sometimes remind me early in the day that it’s their day to read…This is a wonderful program, and I feel grateful to have my students be part of it.
–Elementary School Teacher

2017-2018 Program Highlights

We continued at all 5 schools and held a summer program at all Richmond Camp Achieve Sites for 7-8 weeks over the summer of 2018.

2017-18 Annual Review

2016-2017 Program Highlights

Read-Aloud gave away over 3,600 books this year (bringing the program life total to over 82,600 books), held a summer program at Montalvin Manor Elementary’ s summer school, and held many outreach events, including ones at dd’s DISCOUNTS Richmond (thank you to dd’s and FIrstBook for hosting a Youth Literacy Fundraiser for us!), the San Pablo and Richmond Libraries, BBKids and Shields-Reid (Richmond) Community Center.

2016-17 Annual Review

2015-2016 Program Highlights

Read-Aloud celebrated its 20th year with a Celebration at Downer Elementary in September. Montalvin Manor joined the program.

Read-Aloud Evaluation Review 2015-16 (Final)

2015 Summer Program Highlights

Read-Aloud’s 8-week, once a week reading at  summer camps (Booker T. Anderson and Shields-Reid Community Centers) helped increase the average reading grade level of students by over 4 months, instead of the usual “summer slide” (reduction in reading grade level while not in school over the summer).  See the EdFund evaluation.

2014-2015 Program Highlights

The City of Richmond awarded Read-Aloud a grant that allowed the program to give books to the children weekly, instead of twice a month, for the schools in Richmond. More than 5,500 gift books were given to children for their home libraries.

In 2013-2014, one of our San Pablo school sites lost space due to TK students entering the school.  This meant we had a limited program there for a year and then left the school site.  We were able to serve 204 Read-Aloud students in 5 Richmond and San Pablo schools with 107 volunteers providing a total of 2,448 hours and gave children a total of 2,856 books.

2012-2013 Program Highlights

Read-Aloud served 249 children in 5 Richmond and San Pablo schools.  124 trained volunteers provided 2,988 hours and 3,486 books were given to participating children for their home libraries.

2011-2012 Program Highlights

Over 4,000 gift books were given to children for their home libraries. And, preschools connected to the Read-Aloud schools were presented with developmentally appropriate books for their programs. Over 4,000 hours of one-on-one reading were provided to the children of San Pablo and Richmond.

2010-2011 Program Highlights

One-hundred and twenty-two volunteers provided 3,416 hours plus coordinators’ hours of reading to and with children in the schools of San Pablo and Richmond.