Message from our Board President

The 2016-17 Read-Aloud Volunteer Program – By Floyd Sam

As we begin our 21st year of the Read-Aloud Volunteer Program, we are pleased to continue in our current five schools in Richmond and San Pablo.  We are still looking for the right opportunity for returning to a six school program, and when the right opportunity comes along, we’ll be ready.  But in the meantime, our current schools and children will continue benefit from the one-on-one experience of reading with one of our great volunteers, plus getting a great start to their own personal library.  As a reader myself, it continues to surprise and give great joy to me to see the reaction of these children on reading day and especially gift book day..

Board Chair of Read-Aloud

This and the prior year continue to present a financial challenge for us with respect to raising the funds we need to match our operating costs.  Grants from major funders, companies, and foundations continue to be available but in more limited amounts.  But, as with most non-profits, the donations of individuals continue to be a very important part of our funding.  So thanks to all of our contributors.  And don’t forget the opportunity for you to make us a part of your estate and tax planning.

Our Board continues to be very active and contributing to our success.  In particular, one of our Board members, Nancy Olsen, has led an effort over several years now to quantify the value-added for Read-Aloud.  These analytical results will be beneficial in demonstrating to the school district and to funders, existing and potential, the value of the work of our volunteers and staff.  Great job! More to come on this.

I look forward to another great school year as we enter our 21st year of operation.