Program Outcomes

2017-18 Annual Review: Read-Aloud Annual Review 2017-18

2016-17 Annual Review: Read-Aloud Annual Review 2016-17

2015-16 Annual Report: Read-Aloud Evaluation Review 2015-16 (Final)

Since 1995, Read-Aloud has given away 91,867 books to children and families.

Selected Teacher Comments:

  • The Read Aloud Program is the best thing to have happened to our school. Students who came in with low interest in books, low comprehension scores, or with attention seeking behavior are now avid, confident readers who always come back with a smile on their face. They love to read and have huge smiles when it’s book day! I could not imagine a school without this special program and amazing volunteers!
  • The Read-Aloud program is a wonderful asset for the students, the school and learning. Every student should have access to a kind Read-Aloud volunteer. This program needs to continue and expand. Thank you for being an important part of our learning village!

Selected Family Comments:

  • My daughter LOVES books, and I believe the bigger the library, the greater the mind. So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!
  • Read-Aloud is a great program. I have seen BIG improvement in my child. Love for reading was enhanced. Reading before bedtime became a habit and bonding between me and [my daughter]. 🙂 Thank you!