How it Works

There have been many attempts to promote and improve literacy. Over the last decade a series of neuroscience breakthroughs and educational research findings have led to an entirely new understanding of the challenges involved in learning to read. (

We now have evidence-based research proving that children learn through their relationships with caring adults.

Read-Aloud improves children’s literacy in the following ways:

  • Caring adults support children’s social-emotional development.
  • Volunteers support students’ emerging reading and comprehension skills.
  • Readers instill in children a love and joy of books.
  • Children read and connect stories with themselves and others.
  • Responsive adults help to build self-esteem in young readers.

Our volunteers are the heart of the program:

  • Readers are dedicated and caring individuals who learn from their students.
  • They form stronger connections to local public schools and neighborhoods.
  • Many volunteers tell us readers form long-lasting friendships with each other.

Educators, students and volunteers building communities of learners…

The program is a potent tool for literacy!