• Read-Aloud in the New Year

    Read-Aloud is scheduled starting January 6th through May 1st, with vacations on MLK day (Jan 20th), President’s Week (Feb 17th-21st) and Spring Recess (Apr 6th-10th).

  • Thank you Barnes & Noble!

    In December, Barnes & Noble, Emeryville, hosted a book fundraiser that netted 1,734 books for Read-Aloud! Thank you to everyone who donated books!

    We also were invited to gift wrap items at Barnes & Noble (at Emeryville one week and El Cerrito the next), to spread the word about Read-Aloud.  We received $356 from these events, thank you to everyone who talked with us, and to Gabi who spearheaded this campaign!

  • Schools are Open 10/29, No Read-Aloud 10/31 or 11/1

    The school district has put out a statement that all schools are open tomorrow, as all schools but one have power and air quality is forecast to improve over the next several days. There is no Read-Aloud on Thursday as it is Halloween and none on Friday, as it is Parent Conference Day and the students aren’t at elementary school.

  • PG&E Power Shut Offs

    In the event of a power shut off the week of 11/9/2019, Read-Aloud schools are not forecasted to be effected.  If Readers are driving through areas without power, please drive safe and treat traffic signals that are off as all way stops.

  • Thank You dd’s and FirstBook!

    Thank you to everyone who donated to Read-Aloud through the dd’s Discounts/FirstBook Youth Literacy Fundraiser in August!

  • Make-up Conference

    Our next conference will be held on Tuesday October 8, 9-10:30 am, in the San Pablo City Council Chambers (13831 San Pablo Ave. Bldg 2, San Pablo CA 94806) Attendance of a conference is required before you start reading.

  • Volunteer Handbook Wiki

    Physical handbooks are hard to update continuously, so we have moved to an online wiki version, located at https://read-aloud.myxwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Volunteer%20Policies%20and%20Procedures/

  • Youth Literacy Fundraiser

    This is the last week of the Youth Literacy Fundraiser hosted by dd’s DISCOUNTS in Richmond, which grants Read-Aloud credit at FirstBook Marketplace from customer donations.  Thank you to everyone who has donated, and to the dd’s DISCONTS employees at the 3700 Klose Way store who have solicited donations for Read-Aloud!

  • New School Year

    Read-Aloud is preparing for a new school year!  Our Annual Conferences are on Tues. Aug 29th, 10:30-12:30 or Thurs. Sept 17th, 1:30-3:30 pm (both at UUCB).  Please RSVP to  info@read-aloud.org or (510) 237-0735 to let us know that you are attending either one.  Attendance of a Conference is mandatory, but we will be putting together a make-up session, likely on Sept 25th at the office. Reminder, the schools most in need of volunteers are Dover, Downer and Montalvin.

  • Thank you Readers!

    The program year has ended and we thank our Readers for another successful year! Our volunteers are our life’s blood, we could not do this without you. Muchas Gracias, Merci beaucoup, mille grazie!