Bill Reuter

Marilyn Nye, the program’s creator, recruited me, saying: “It’s a great chance to do good work in the world after you retire.” She was right, but she didn’t tell me how much fun it would be.

Bill Reuter 2013

I enjoy the students. They are the best of company.

And I’ll never forget Nancy, one of my past students. Her teacher, just getting to know her at the beginning of the school year, described her to me as someone shy, needing to be drawn out, and not sure of herself academically. One day, reading to her from a book about a frog family that visited a “fancy” restaurant, Nancy said to me: “Look, Mr Reuter. If you take the “f” off of “fancy” and put an “n” there, it spells my name.” Some shyness, some academic uncertainty!

Nancy is one of the smartest people I’ve spent time with, letter perfect in both Spanish and English, and now a real book lover.

Good work in the world indeed, and what fun. Come join in it!